Hi, I’m Chelsea Mars. I’m a freelance creative marketing professional. 

I’m just here doing my best.

Here’s What I’m Good At:

Marketing Campaign Strategy

Once we determine the campaign goal, we will work backwards and create a roadmap based on budget and customer touch points.

Wordpress Website Design

I build websites that are goal-oriented and easy to use (for everyone involved). I follow and recommend industry best practices, but if you really want music on your homepage then I’ll make it happen. 

Digital Content Strategy

Marketers love to say “Content is King”. I agree, as long as it has a smart Queen guiding the content in the right direction. Yas, Queen. 

Automated Marketing Communications

Don’t let your campaign manage you – empower your campaign to manage itself with a smart, engaging, interactive drip campaign. 

Hands-on Creative

I can single handedly implement a campaign from start to finish – from creating a new artboard in Illustrator to clicking send in the CMS dashboard to tracking performance metrics in Google Analytics. Bring it on.

Social Media Management

I like to think of business social media channels like personal ones. If your business was a person, what would they be posting? What would their voice sound like? What other profiles would they be interacting with? I’ll help you answer those questions and build an authentic social media strategy.

Think you have a project for me?

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